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  Sergiotarxz a902ef7e5d Maybe not be a redirect in animeflv.cc 2 months ago
  sergiotarxz 10745de950
fix: missing package.json. 3 months ago
  sergiotarxz 8d44c9f21e
Adding aprils fools theme. 3 months ago
  sergiotarxz bd2b1094e0 Merge pull request 'tests: Adding tests to check youtube keeps the current compability.' (#25) from test/adding_youtube_integration_test into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 03c8e35f88 Merge branch 'master' into test/adding_youtube_integration_test 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz f09440cb45
tests: Adding tests to check youtube keeps the current compability. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz c5cdc61bb4 Merge pull request 'feature: Adding a open-rc initscript.' (#24) from feature/adding_example_gentoo_init_script into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz cb04211505
feature: Adding a open-rc initscript. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 272c8812c3
fix: Bad width again. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz b72a4c40df
fix: Solving text overflow on format selector. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 7e14c2aa4b
fix: Solving cache. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz ef7cb4b628
fix: Fixing poping notice. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 8ce749fd98
fix: Trying poping notice to act better on phone. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 304d8c2e8d
fix: Avoiding caching. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 7feda0e461
fix: Solving some issues on phones. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz b3e47dc7d0
Adding Abnazhor to AUTHORS 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz f788eae6e0 Merge pull request 'feature/new_look_default_theme' (#22) from feature/new_look_default_theme into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 27cfeed687
feat: Improving the support of the format list. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 0014816375
feat: Adding ogg tags. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz a7925763a8
fix: Solving the video still playing on close window. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 9795d5856e
feat: Spitting on a new theme while the Jorge theme goes stable and solving some errors. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 93e32bd0a0
fix: Making poping notice more responsive. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 5228ddfe6b Merge pull request 'New CSS template for default look' (#21) from abnazhor/Peertube-dl:master into feature/new_look_default_theme 5 months ago
  abnazhor e4e95839f9 New CSS template for default look 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 7c40e18bf2
feat: Adding a commiting guideline. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 2e4eeddc37
feat: Adding an initial version of contributing.md. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz c40777ceaf
Adding Destiny to authors file. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz cf8a2655d7
Adding logo credits Destiny. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 1e25c9280e Merge pull request 'refactor/rewritting_the_front_end_with_webpack' (#20) from refactor/rewritting_the_front_end_with_webpack into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 9f7fb3dca2
fix: Modifying the readme. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 6cdc7dd49d
Having Dockerfile on the project breaks caching, splitting it to a different project. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 8b993968d4
Fix: Adding yarn install to Makefile.PL 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 6ed9ab8f24
refactor: Making the front end modular using webpack. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 6e08769a8d
Upgrading manifest. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz ed3334712f
Solving warnings. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 5d263d02c3
Adding missing dependency. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 07e6945507
Getting the config on root dir and solving a build bug. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 7214bdffef
Solving nasty javascript bug avoiding download. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz a85b8c8970
Removing support in README for Windows/MAC 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 98c08327c4
Removing the (Video only in webpage, all formats on cli.) text since it is no longer true. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 491f683f3f Merge pull request 'feature/Add_posibility_of_selecting_diferent_formats' (#18) from feature/Add_posibility_of_selecting_diferent_formats into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz c072be6652
Reduccing verbosity. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 7d22cfe5c4
Adding the ability to select the format. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz a03a7f947c
Adding initial style. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 16240d9567 Merge pull request 'fix: Avoiding loading forever on unsupported url.' (#16) from bugfix/Attemping_to_avoid_unsupported_urls_loading_forever into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 203640a061
fix: Avoiding loading forever on unsupported url. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 135a251e11 Merge pull request 'fix: Adding support for unprotected youtube urls.' (#15) from bugfix/Adding_support_for_unprotected_youtube_urls into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 11695d66dc
fix: Adding support for unprotected youtube urls. 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 82d4ddef4f Merge pull request 'feat: Added debian dockerfile. (Thanks Ale.)' (#13) from feature/Adding_debian_dockerfile into master 5 months ago
  sergiotarxz 11200870d3
Adding Ale to AUTHORS file. 5 months ago